April 13, 2020

Blog postings were a little erratic last week as I spent time preparing Good Friday and Easter Service. The same may be so this week as I will be taking time during the next little while to learn how to make on-line delivery a little smoother; how to design my blog, and how to set up a user-friendly website.

On this rainy (at least here in Hamilton) Easter Monday, I thought I would just share a little story related to dawn. It seems appropriate for the Easter season.

The rabbi asks his students: “How can we determine the hour of dawn, when the night ends and the day begins?”

One of his students suggested: “When from a distance you can distinguish between a dog and a sheep?”

“No,” was the answer of the rabbi.

“Is it when one can distinguish between a fig tree and a grapevine?” asked a second student.

“No,” the rabbi said.

“Please tell us the answer, then,” said the students.

“It is,” said the wise teacher, “when you can look into the face of human beings and you have enough light to recognize them as your brothers and sisters. Up until then it is night, and darkness is still with us.”

Attributed by Henri Nouwen to “an old Hasidic tale” in “Adam’s Story: The Peace That Is Not of This World” (reprinted in Seeds of Hope [1989], pages 204-205).

HOPE – digital drawing by M. Gayle MacDonald

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