March 30, 2020

I saw an article in Psychology Today online which basically said that it was o.k. to be overwhelmed. During the first couple of weeks of social isolation, many had grand ideas about what they would accomplish and how they would use this time to get things done. And then, what seemed like a good idea became pressure. And pressure to be productive just added to the anxiety of dealing with physical distancing, loss of contact with loved ones, loss of or reduced wages, etc. So the advice, in my own words, give yourself permission to “goof off”. Read the full article here: COVID-19: It’s OK to Feel Overwhelmed and Be Unproductive.

That’s my excuse for being late posting today (sort of ). There were things I needed to do for myself: go out and buy supplies early this morning, and then pick up my on-line order this afternoon.

This morning’s venture was great!! I got everything that I couldn’t order on-line by going to only two stores: Shopper’s Drugmart and Goodness Me.

My first stop was Shoppers for Visine and Salinex nose spray. A mother and son team were there (and I heard them tell the cashier they would return tomorrow), with hand-made face masks, each sealed in a plastic bag and placed in a shopping cart so they could keep the 6ft distance as they explained to each shopper coming in that they (the mother and son) were virus free and were making these to give for free to anyone who felt they needed one. Its a bit like Russian Roulette (i.e., how do they know they don’t have the virus), but I took one anyway because I can wash it at home and use it. It is made of fabric and has a wire on the top to pinch on the nose so it fits better and then can be pulled down to cover the chin as it is pleated. How cool is that? What a nice thing to do!!!

The second part, the pickup of my online groceries has not happened. It is two hours past the pickup date and I haven’t gotten the message to say it is ready? Time to call them. However, I have lots to eat and drink and enough toilet paper for two weeks, so I am good.

And that’s all the news from me for today. Take it easy. Goof off. Read something good, or not. Watch a good movie, or not. Have an at-home spa day, or not. Just relax into the moment and let the need to actually do something fade.

Peace and , yes, JOY!



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