March 23, 2010

Monday is my usual day off and I considered not writing a blog post today. However, I decided I would this Monday, and then for following Mondays, plan ahead.

It is important when our routines have been disrupted by life (i.e., a pandemic) to find a new routine that works. Our weekly or bi-weekly trip to the grocer store may be out for the time being; our social groups aren’t meeting; the gym is off-limits; going out for coffee is out of the question. So now what?

Replace your gym or exercise outs with “safe choices”. If you are not required to quarantine because of COVID-19 contact, go for a walk. But keep your social distance of 6 feet from others; take some tissues or wipes for opening doors or pushing buttons if you life in a shared housing complex (such as an apartment), and try to ride the elevator by yourself or turn yourself away from others so you can’t give our receive germs via coughing, sneezing, etc. When you get home, throw out the tissues you used and wash you hands immediately for 20 seconds using soap, or use a hand disinfectant.

Alternatively, you can stay in and find an exercise program that suits you on TV or on the internet. The internet is much easier. If you have restrictions, if you are a senior, you can put that information in your search and find a program that suits you. Set up a routine to keep those muscles moving. Exercise promotes mental as well as physical well-being. If you are uncertain if a particular exercise is “o.k.” for you, see if you can ask your health care provider (by telephone), or avoid it.

Mental wellness will be important. Keep in touch my telephone or video chat. Check up on neighbours or friends if you think they may be isolated. Limit the amount of news your watch, especially if the news upsets you. Find an activity you like (better yet several activities), such as knitting, carpentry, sewing, reading, puzzles, colouring, etc. If you use a computer, use it to find things that interest you. I sometimes like to go on “google earth” and virtually visit other parts of the world.

Remember to spend time in the things that life your spiritually, no matter your faith. Read something inspiring. Pray. Keep a journal. Try new ways of praying. One very relaxing way of praying is to pray with colour. Visit the Praying in Color website for an idea on how to start. I have Sybil MacBeth’s book and it has load of neat ideas for praying in colour.

As I continue on this blog, I too will be moving into a routine. Four the the days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) will be whatever seems the relevant topic at the moment. Sunday will be a re-posting of the day’s readings and reflection. Wednesday will be another session in the current study (this one being, Praying in the Midst of Life), and Monday will be some simple thing on well-being that I can prepare ahead to post on Monday, so that I can respect my own day off.

And to finish off this day’s post, a belated posting of one of my favourite poems (belated because apparently Saturday was world poetry day).


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